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Which saddle is supposed to be the best for horse riding?

Are you a horse riding enthusiast and adore every moment spent with your horse? The only worry is that you're tired of saddles that crack after a few uses and it ruins your session of equestrian? You wonder then how you can get a great saddle?

How to choose the right saddle?

Know that the cwd used saddles are currently among the best choices in the horse saddle market. The brand is indeed a detail that should not be neglected. However, if you opt for saddles of this brand, it is imperative to choose it depending on the type of exercise you want to do. If for example you will practice riding in a versatile way then you should choose a mixed saddle that is suitable for any type of discipline. They have a seat wide enough that makes them pleasant enough for a long walk and a slanted area at the front that will allow you to cross obstacles. If you want to train your horse then you need a dressage saddle that has a hollow seat and deep for a secure seat and stable. You should also consider the shape of your horse's withers. While most saddles are suitable for 95% of horses, there are ponies or stallions with a drowned tourniquet. In this kind of circumstance, the horse will need a specific saddle. If you are still dubious enough, then you can test the saddle on the back of your horse to find out if it suits him before you buy it.

Maintain your saddle

While cwd used saddles are among the best, but they still do not escape the maintenance. Proper care of your saddle effectively guarantees its longevity. This is an imperative step for all saddles whether new or used. If your saddle is leather then you must think to feed it several times before use so that the latter is more flexible and more comfortable. For this you can use blonde fat or beefstooth oil. You lightly apply these greasy oils to the leather of the saddle with a soft brush and that has been well cleaned. In this way, your saddle will never be dry and it will be more comfortable.

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