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Specialalities of the english saddle

The English saddle is the most common, it allows to practice all disciplines, indeed some are designed for jumping, others for dressage, and finally there is even a saddle mixed (or versatile), which allows to do different leisure disciplines. It weighs on average, depending on the size and type of the saddle, between three and four kilograms. So if you're looking for it, go for the used english saddles for sale!

What can we find in an english saddle ?

The English saddle seen from the outside consists of the following main parts:

- The seat on which the rider sits,

- Small quarters: parts integral with the seat and covering the stirrup knives,

- Large areas whose shape depends on the use reserved for the saddle,

- False neighborhoods that are sometimes absent on some models,

- The panels wrongly called "padding".

English saddles and its specificities

The size and shape of the tree are different depending on the type of saddle (some do not have any tree). His first quality must be strength, because it is he who gives shape to the saddle and supports all the essential parts. Some saddles have cleats that are semi-rigid pieces fixed on the false quarters that serve to keep the rider's legs in place.

Cleats may be at the front of the quarters, at the back (more rarely), at the front and rear of the saddle according to the specificities of the latter, the discipline and riding level of the rider but some saddles do not have cleats.

Leather is the traditional material from which saddles are made, even an English saddle. However, not all leathers are equal and saddles that may seem like a bargain may be made of imported materials of poor quality.

To conclude, the English saddle consists mainly of the tree that forms the skeleton of the saddle, and can be made of wood, fiberglass or other synthetic materials.

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