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It all depends on the kind of riding you do

The choice of a saddle is very important because it conditions your pleasure to practice riding (if a saddle does not suit you, you will not be comfortable). I know how difficult it is for a person who discovers the stool, to choose it. Flat, hollow, semi flat, semi hollow, monoquartier or not, new or used, what size, what budget, do you worry more the site offers fine used saddles at the best price.

For what use?

Dressage, CSO, endurance, TREC, western ... There are as many types as equestrian disciplines: the first thing to do is to define how a saddle can meet your expectations! For a rider a little jack-of-all, the best is a mixed saddle, which will suit all disciplines. Some are predominant: it offers the advantages of a mixed, but also offers help on the discipline that we love / practice the most (in general, it is the CSO or training). In the case of the practice in competition of a precise activity, it would be better then to opt for the choice of a saddle adapted. For example, having a good descent leg in a CSO saddle will be much less easy than in a dressage. However, if she helps the rider in her position, she does not of course do all the work.

How to know that a saddle is adapted?

For the rider: it is the one in which one feels good! There is no magic formula, we avoid the saddles that we put the pelvis backwards, those who put the leg forward ... A saddle that goes perfectly to your coach may not go well, because we are all different! For the horse: this is where things get complicated ... All horses are unfortunately not easy to saddle! The tourniquet must be free: the space between the saddle and the withers must allow 3 to 4 fingers to pass, 2 on the sides. The shoulder should not be squeezed.

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