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5 Juin 2018 à 06h26 - 1376

Horse riding: why does it seem like more women than men like it?

To have fun in life, there are many activities that everyone can do. Moreover, it is not only for entertainment but also to learn, make new discoveries and spend pleasant moments. Riding is part of these activities. She is very entertaining and attractive, which is why she has spread quickly around the world and continues to spread. In fact, some activities are more suitable for women than for men or vice versa. Is horse riding part of it? Why and to what extent? The answer in this article.

Depending on the discipline

It seems that riding is more woman than man but how to justify this statement? In any case, using cwd used saddle s remains practical. Riding is divided into several disciplines that are suitable for everyone but it is undeniable that some of them would be more women. It's all about discipline. Indeed, riding requires a lot of dynamism not only from the horse but also from his rider. At first glance, or as we are used to believe, women are not made for it on the pretext that they are "fragile" but this is not the case, women are showing a great confidence in them. This is essential when you want to do this type of activity. It is important to know that despite this mastery, some disciplines are reserved for men.

Why is riding appropriate for women?

What we usually believe is that women are not made for physical effort. What follows will prove you the opposite. Yes, riding is great for women and more, it's an activity for women. Why ? Because they are more attentive, more patient and passionate. In addition, women are more used to management, manage a horse would not pose them any problem. On the contrary, it will be like a challenge for them. What women like to do. In addition, caring for a horse requires vigilance and a certain autonomy. Adapting is an area that women know well, which makes them capable of practicing most of the activities that men do.

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