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Your already own a horse and your are looking for hacks to make your rider life easier and make your companion happy? You intend to buy a horse and you need some advice to make the best choice? Do not look further anymore, you are in the right place !

Informations about horse riding

Horse riding is a wonderful sport, but it remains very technical and subject of a serious learning process: indeed, just ride a horse is not enough to become a real rider. The most expert riders ride since their earliest childhood, and keep training hours and hours a day to stay on the top. Whether you begin to ride or you are a experienced rider, here you will be able to find all the information you need to practise horse riding: we especially provide you a list of the several stables of your region, which you can select according to your budget, their place and the kind of activity you want to practise. And if you intend to buy a horse, we also help you making the best choice according to your criteria.

Equipment for your horse

Do you decided to buy a horse? It is an excellent decision ! But you have to know that it calls for big responsibilities: indeed a horse need a daily attention, regular cares and daily trips, especially if he does not live outside. Moreover, to ride him and work with him you will need a complete equipment: saddle, briddle, protections, saddle pad, grooming stuff... You have to leave no stone unturned to guarantee the wellness of your equid. We give you many tips and tricks to buy the best equipment at the best price. We also provide you products comparative reviews to help you making your choice, and we give you some hacks to maintain your stuff at best.

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